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Little Blooms hand-crafted tutus are made with tulle, which is transparent by nature, ie: you can see through it. Our tutus, newborn tutus, tutu dress and tutu gowns are made with strips of tulle, not one solid piece. All tutus should be worn with a slip, tights, or leg warmers for 100 percent coverage.

WARNING: Little Blooms tutus, newborn tutus, tutu dresses & tutu gowns may be produced with small flowers, appliques, etc. on them. If you order a tutu for a princess under two, Little Blooms recommends ordering without flowers or appliques (ie: jewels, rhinestones, ribbon, etc) Should you order a tutu or product with flowers and/or appliques, please supervise your child. Little Blooms is NOT held responsible if an accident occurs.

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