Camo Newborn Tutu & Headband

Yep, another camo product! It’s no secret – we are planning on take the camo world by storm!! And do it in style 🙂 We have our Camo Tutu Gown, Pink Camo Tutu Gown & Camo Tutu. And NOW our Camo Newborn Tutu & Camo Lace Headband.

I seriously don’t know what could be better than these adorable little cheeks and squishy lips!! Ok, so maybe I do! Top it with our Camo Lace Headband and you have a slice of perfection.

Camo Lace Headband








Every Little Moment Photography did an amazing job capturing the beauty of this tutu with this fabulous setup.

Camo Newborn Tutu








I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE our Camo Newborn Tutu: the rich chocolate, bright hunter orange and soft camo is such a beautiful combo.

Camo Newborn Tutu








And one more picture of cuteness because this little miss is just precious! Pretty sure you all have been swooning just like I have been. I’ll leave you with a secret! Little Blooms newborn tutus & matching headbands make for the BEST baby shower gifts!! You just might leave the mom-to-be teary eyed and it’s guaranteed to bring a chorus of ‘oohs’ & ‘ahhs’ from all the guests. It’s an added plus that this is one gift that dad will also be excited about.

Camo Newborn Tutu & Camo Lace Headband










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