Dream Big Little One OTT Contest

I recently entered my first OTT contest. Boutiques & models were paired up and given the theme: Dream Big Little One.  Little Blooms paired up with G-daddy’s Sweet Baby to work with one beautiful model: Miss A. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Miss A’s response was a princess! What little girl wouldn’t want to be a princess when they grew up!! So we set out to make her dream come alive.

Dream Big Little One










The Princess Ball Gown was so much fun to design & create. Gorgeous deep purple was chosen for our Princess. Yards upon yards upon yards of rich purple tulle creates an extra full skirt.  Sparkling lavender glitter tulle accents the deep purple skirt and swoops in graceful scallops.

Reach for the Stars










Delicate strings of pearls and glass flowers connect each scallop to the lavender glitter tulle accents.

Princess A










Lavender tulle swoops across the shoulders in elegant princess fashion. A gorgeous silver pendant is nestled at the top of the deep purple bodice.

Pendant Detail








G’daddy’s Sweet Baby Boutique designed the costume floral headpiece that crowned our princess.

Floral Crown by G-daddy’s Sweet Baby











We were beyond excited that we made the Top 8 in the contest! Go Team Princess! And I’m so happy to have this new Princess Ball Gown available for all of you. It is comes in various colors: eggplant, lavender, soft yellow, cream, pink & turquoise. I already have a bride’s request for this style of tutu gown for her flower girls dresses in her wedding colors. So please if you adore the Princess Ball Gown as much as I do and need it in a different color scheme just send me an email (info@littleblooms.net) and I will get you taken care of. Click here for the Princess Ball Gown: https://littleblooms.net/shop/costumes/princess-tutu-gown/.


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