NEW Design: Mermaid Tutu Costume

Our NEW Mermaid Tutu Costume is light, airy and full of magical moments! I just ADORE this photo. Can’t you just imagine your princess daydreaming of lying on the beach pretending to be a real live mermaid?

Mermaid Day-dreaming








Apparently this beautiful little mermaid model was madly in love with her giant dingle hopper! All she wanted to do was make patterns and swirls in the sand. And once she had that precious treasure in her hand she wasn’t about to let it go.

Mermaid Beauty










I just love how this mermaid tutu costume turned out. All the beautiful colors of the sea swirl together & cascade to the floor Delicate emerald green webbing encases the tutu skirt in mermaid fashion. A sea-colored braided belt rests on top of the tulle skirt.

Mermaid Tutu Costume










Mermaid charms are clustered at the top of the deep purple bodice. Graceful swoops of lavender tulle arch off the shoulders and gather into a bow in the back. This mermaid model is showing how the tulle can also be used to tie behind the neck.

Bodice Detail

I don’t know about you, but I loved imagining I was a mermaid when I was little. I would have died for my own Mermaid Tutu Costume! Visit Little Blooms and select the ‘Costumes’ tab to shop for this gorgeous tutu costume.


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    Hi, i would like information about this beautiful outfit. Could you please send me price for a size 6 year old please. My email is

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    Hey I would like info about the item! Size 10. Price please!!!!

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    Size 5, price please

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