~NEW~ Military Newborn Tutu

WARNING!! If you are a pregnant momma you just might tear up a little, cause this fresh new princess in her Military Newborn Tutu is just beautiful!! 😉

Oh my goodness, this little miss is beyond precious in our NEW Military Newborn Tutu and matching Camo Lace Headband. Love how sweet she looks on her itty bitty bed.

Military Newborn Tutu








This Military Newborn Tutu is a little different in that it has three layers of tulle – making it extra extra fluffy and just fabulous for newborn photo shoots.









Fashioned with extra soft camo tulle, rich chocolate, muted willow and caramel tulle, this newborn tutu is a picture perfect for all our military families. Don’t you just love how cozy she is? Pretty sure is knows she is safe & secure while snuggled up on her daddy’s uniform.

Snug as a bug!








As cozy as can be on daddy’s uniform








And another *NEW* Camo Headband as well. We are planning on taking the camo world by storm – so there must be hair pretties as well right? So without further ado, here is the Camo Tulle Headband! 🙂

Camo Tulle Headband








A little bit of sparkle, a little bit of lace & a splash of camo. The Camo Tulle Headband is fashioned with a beautiful chocolate jeweled camo mini flower tucked next to a rich chocolate peony all set against a background of camo tulle. Finished with a chocolate lace headband. Just gorgeous!









And this – this is just golden, lol! Just a smidgen of a smile peeking through. Can’t just be grinning outright – one must have composer while modeling beautiful things.

Miltary HB 2

An almost smile!








Photos compliments of Lilybug Hugs Photography.

Click here for the Military Newborn Tutu: https://littleblooms.net/shop/newborn-tutu/military-newborn-tutu/.



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