Pink Camo Tutu Gown

Soft sunlight, dappled railroads, parasols, pink camo, & a beautiful princess – could there be a better combination? This rustic setting was the perfect backdrop to photograph our gorgeous Pink Camo Tutu Gown.

Pink Camo Tutu Gown








Vintage beauty








Just gorgeous!








Wait . . . it CAN get better!! Throw in a gun and you have the best of the camo world all in one!

Pink, camo & a gun – what could be better?








LOVE her beautiful smile! Great photo highlighting the front details of the tutu gown. A wide chocolate burlap sash gathers the tutu gown and is topped with a jeweled pink & chocolate layered flower clip.

Front detail








Pretty sure this is one of my favorites from this photo shoot!! Miss Camo Diva was asked to have a serious face to match her gun totin’ stance. And serious it is indeed!!

Don’t mess with this Camo Princess!!








Have you been searching for that perfect flower girl dress for your rustic wedding? Look no further, we have the tutu gown for you! The scrumptious pinks, rich chocolate and gorgeous pink camo tulle make the Pink Camo Tutu Gown a match made in heaven for your camo wedding. Although your flower girl just might steal the show as she comes down the aisle! (This tutu gown comes in knee length and mid calf).

Perfect for a rustic wedding








Flower girl tutu gown








We had some fun with a glitter shot. You would think that blowing glitter would be pretty easy right? Nothing much to it? Well not quite so easy for a little one! One must hold their hands the right way so that your face doesn’t get the brunt of the flying glitter. And it actually takes some force to get that glitter going. So while not the best product photos, they are fun & sparkly!

Sparkles, sparkles . . .








Sparkles, sparkles & more sparkles!








And a couple more of my favorites. Just in case you haven’t had your fill of this gorgeous tutu gown.

Railroad beauty








Not a care in the world!










We all know how every photo shoot has its bloopers. Well this one had some priceless one for sure. This Camo Princess needed some relief from all the pretty smiles, lol!






















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