Sophia the First Tutu Gown

Soft buttery yellow tulle, delicate lavender scallops, glittery trim and dainty bead work! We introduce to you our latest – the glamorous Sophia the First Tutu Gown!! And what is there not to LOVE about this dreamy Tutu Gown!
SF 5

I’ll be honest: this tutu gown took the longest time to complete!! Due mostly to with the challenges that sometimes arise from working at home. And, *cough*, there was the running out of tulle half way through the skirt – this gown is LOADED with tulle! So while it took forever to complete, there was the added bonus of being able to gaze at it each day and make sure each step was exactly the way I wanted it. I loved watching the lavender scallops take form and begin to pop against the soft yellow tulle. There was even several trips to the store to ensure that the dainty beaded trim was the PERFECT one for this dreamy tutu gown!

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the end result!! I adore how the glittery white knots define the lavender scallops and add extra body at the same time. And the delicate beaded trim that curves gently across the top of the lavender scallops is really just perfection! The soft puff ‘beads’ that adorn the lavender bodice are my daughter’s favorite part of this tutu gown. She didn’t know who Sophia the First was before this gown came to life – but she loves Sophia now!! This gown makes her feel like a princess just by gazing at it!



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